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In our modern world, we often subscribe to various services to simplify our lives and stay up-to-date with the latest information from the music, movies, and newsletters we enjoy. However, with the fast-paced nature of our lives, it can be challenging to keep track of subscription details such as payment due dates, subscribed plans, and more. This makes it difficult to cancel or change a subscription plan or manage unexpected expenses.

Competitor analysis

To create a solution that truly meets user needs, I began with a thorough competitive analysis. This involved researching existing solutions to the problem and identifying areas for improvement.

After reviewing several applications, I selected three that seemed particularly promising. Through hands-on interaction and careful consideration of user feedback, I assessed the functionality of each app and compared their strengths and weaknesses. This analysis helped me to design a solution that addresses the gaps in existing options and delivers the best possible experience for users.

Other secondary features that users preferred to have

  1. Browse applications by category
  2. Interface in dark mode
  3. A large number of different currencies to select from
  4. Use a filter to see only the programs you want to see.

User research

To better understand the needs and behaviors of the target audience, I conducted a series of semi-structured interviews with five participants. Following these interviews, I administered a survey to a larger group to validate key findings from the interviews and gain additional insights.

In total, I received responses from 21 participants with diverse backgrounds and experiences. These responses helped me to identify key pain points, preferences, and user goals.

  • How the user manages current subscription?
  • Do they have a budget their monthly expenses?
  • Do they have a budget their monthly expenses?
  • Would they be interested in a digital subscription option?
  • How many services have you subscribed to?
  • What type of services have you subscribed to? Select where applicable e.g. Entertainment, Education, Apps
  • How do you know when a subscription payment is due?
  • Have ever experienced unexpected deductions from a bank account?
  • Do you keep records of your subscription expenses?
  • What challenges are you faced with in keeping record of your subscription expenses?
  • How would you like to be notified of a due subscription? Email, app notification?

Research results

ux research results

Empathy Map

The empathy map that follows provides some qualitative data from the user survey that was performed. Creating the empathy map allowed me to have a better understanding of my users.

Goal: To manage their current subscriptions and potentially find a more convenient and affordable option.

User Personas

I've identified two groups of users for whom my design solution is targeted based on the results of the user survey. I used two personas serve as a representation of my users but ensured I didn't rule out a wider user base.

persona 2
persona 1


After synthesizing findings and insights from qualitative and quantitative data, I compiled a list of features that directly address the users' concerns.

User stories

Based on the results of the user research and the personas created for this product. I was able to formulate the following user stories that define the features and functionalities that would solve the user's problems and meet their needs

User flow

The user flow below outlines how users can add a new subscription and view its details effortlessly.


After brainstorming numerous ideas, I designed a user-friendly wireframe for the application. It centers on three core functions: enabling users to easily add new subscription services to track, providing a clear view of upcoming payments, and presenting a summary of their monthly spending.

High fidelity designs

After gathering insights from the research I conducted and all the ideated solution, I was able to come up with the high fidelity designs for the subscription management app. I followed a specific style guide and UI design principles to create engaging and useful user interfaces.


The onboarding screens were created to assist the user in quickly adapting to the program. I used international writing and illustration to communicate the app's value proposition.

Login screens

I added social logins options to allow the user to quickly sign in or sign up.


For first-time users: On the home page, there will be two links that the user can click on to add subscriptions they need to track. They can then choose from a list of available icons or add custom icons.

Home page

Once the user has added subscription pages, they can view all details on the homepage.


Users can view specific analytics on their expenditure and export their expenditure reports.

Other pages

I also added the following pages
Settings page - for the user to set their preferences, sign out and delete their account
FAQs page - for the user to get immediate answers to their questions
Rate page - for the user to rate the app in the app store - for the user to rate the app in the app store


Working on this project made me realize just how many individuals require this solution. Instead of relying on my own experience or assumptions, the user interviews I did helped me truly understand what my users want.

With where we're going with most digital products, the subscription model is here to stay, and I'm interested to see how I can always ensure my users have the best experience as a designer.

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